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Review & Compliance

Review & Compliance/Section 106

Although the legal power to protect historic buildings, structures, sites, objects, and districts rests primarily with local governments, federal and state laws provide some protection for historic properties affected by projects that involve federal or certain state funds, permits, or licenses. Under these federal and state laws, the South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) helps federal and state agencies and applicants identify historic properties listed in or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, evaluate the impacts of proposed projects on them, and avoid or minimize negative impacts. 

Note:  as of November 2017 we are now providing comments letters for all our review and compliance programs as PDFs sent via email. Hard copies will only be provided upon request. To facilitate delivery please provide an email address for the intended recipient(s) for all project review submittals.
At this time the SC SHPO still requires project review submittals in hard copy form.

The following webpages contain information regarding SHPO Project Review Processes:

See also: 

Project Review Guidance:

Survey Guidance--


      Archaeological Survey Investigation:

             Reconnaissance Surveys

              Intensive Surveys 

      SC Standards & Guidelines for Archaeological Investigations (PDF)

      Statewide Survey of Historic Properties Guidance (Survey Manual, Form, Database, Reporting and GIS Submission Requirements)

      Consultant's Guide to Survey and National Register Files (PDF)

      Selecting a Consultant - Lists of Preservation Professionals

      Statement on the Use of the Term Potentially Eligible (PDF

Consulting Parties Guidance--

      Directory of South Carolina's Local History, Historic Preservation, and Cultural Organizations (PDF)         

Guidance for Citizens: Protecting Historic Properties with Section 106

      Section 106 Applicant Toolkit

      Tribal Consultation 

Agreement and Covenant Guidance--

       Agreement Documents Guidance

      Sample ACHP & SHPO Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)

      Mitigation Examples

      Complying with Architectural Covenants (PDF) 

Resource Types Guidance--

         Guidance for Archaeological Site Monitoring (PDF)
         Guidance for Assessing Visual and Indirect Effects to Historic Landscapes
         Policy on Review of Proposed Replacement Windows (PDF)
         Preservation Hotline #3: Is there a highway project in your future? (PDF)
         Preservation Hotline #12: Complying with State and Federal Regulations: Archaeological Site Identification, Evaluation, Mitigation (PDF)         
         Rice Fields and Section 106: SHPO Guidance for Federal Agencies and Applicants(PDF)       
         Textile Mill Development Rehab Tips (PDF) 
         Traditional Cultural Properties and Section 106

General Guidance--

        Section 106 Users Guide
        The Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation  
        The Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties
        SHPO Review and Compliance Workshops PowerPoint Presentations
        SHPO Success Stories


        Section 106 Project Review Form (PDF)

        DHEC-OCRM Project Review Form (PDF)

        Historic Building Supplement (PDF)

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        SHPO Project Review Staff and Assigned Agency Responsibilities (PDF)

North Augusta

North Augusta Mississippian site with development looming
The SC Department of Transportation excavates a Mississippian period Native American archaeological site in North Augusta